Attack, Detect, and Respond with SCYTHE

SCYTHE’s Attack, Detect, and Respond solution validates people, processes, and technologies to strengthen security.

In a digital world where organizations must assume breach at all times, security teams need practice with real-world threat actor behaviors. SCYTHE developed its Attack, Detect, and Respond (ADR) solution to give security teams the tools necessary for detecting and responding to threat actors.

Security teams struggle to keep up with the constantly changing malware and ransomware attack methodologies. However, malicious code is only the start of the attack. The real damage occurs when attackers hide in systems. Reducing mean time to detect, mean time to contain, and mean time to resolve is the best way to create a resilient cybersecurity program.

In response to these challenges, SCYTHE is a flexible, scalable platform so that security teams can build contextual business risk into their daily operations and exercises.

SCYTHE designed Attack, Detect, and Respond to give Blue Teams a way to train against new and evolving threats, Red Teams a way to automate activities, and Purple Teams a way to collaborate.

ADR empowers people so they can enhance processes and extend the value of the organization’s technology.

In SCYTHE’s Attack, Detect, and Respond whitepaper, see: 

What Attack, Detect, and Respond means

How it mitigates malware and ransomware risks

How it enables continuous response testing

Why it benefits your security operations center (SOC)

How to create a successful ADR program for your SOC

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