April 8, 2020

From Moonshot to Slingshot (C2 Matrix Edition)

Having participated in the Cyber Moonshot last year, I’ve seen where grand vision tries to achieve reality. Being a former operator, I’ve always been more comfortable putting tools in the hands of those that can help. This was one of the catalysts last year when Jorge Orchilles and I sat down for lunch at DerbyCon to discuss the proliferation of open-source offensive security tools. As Matt Toussain has dubbed, it is truly the “Golden Age of C2”. But, there are so many of them and where to start?

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March 4, 2020

Innovate at the Edge: Launching Community Driven Security Innovation

Experience-driven threat research at the edge is in the driver’s seat as the SCYTHE Marketplace was unveiled during this year’s RSA Conference. Invited information security community experts and leaders joined the SCYTHE team and its Advisory Council members to launch the SCYTHE Marketplace at a private event during RSA Conference 2020.

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February 19, 2020

What’s the SCYTHE Marketplace?

The SCYTHE Marketplace launching during RSAC 2020 brings expert innovation necessary to measure constantly evolving real world threats. In this week’s SCYTHE spotlight, Adam Mashinchi, SCYTHE’s VP of Product Management, discusses how the SCYTHE Marketplace expands effective threat emulation that keeps pace with the latest trends and how developers can get involved.

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February 13, 2020

Breaking Imphash

Signaturing is a technique used to associate a unique value to a malware. Roughly, when an enterprise’s security sensor comes across a file, it computes the file’s signature and chooses to deny access if this signature is in the sensor’s set of known malware signatures. Imphash is a widely-used signaturing algorithm in the information security industry. We do not recommend using imphash to signature malware given how trivially we can defeat it. The following paper presented last year describes defeating imphash.

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February 10, 2020

Meet Advisory Council member, Chloé Messdaghi

SCYTHE had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Advisory Council member, Chloé Messdaghi during ShmooCon 2020.

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