Emulate Ransomware to Know Where You Stand

With ransomware continuously evolving, it's important to learn how to prepare your organization to defend against it.

Defending Business Interests by Defending Against Ransomware

What is inside our report

Why Organizations Need To Keep Pace with Threat Actors

Ransomware isn't new, but attack paths are constantly changing

How Digital Transformation Changes Attacks

How attackers use human and digital vulnerabilities

The Hard and Soft Costs of a Ransomware Attack

Customer trust and financial impact statistics show a broader impact

How Emulation Differs from Simulation and Better Secures Data

Validating controls and processes enhances cyber resiliency and security

Interested in how SCYTHE services or platform can help?

Emulate real-world threats using SCYTHE's platform to prepare your security team and enhance cyber resiliency.

Proactively mitigate ransomware risk and its impact with continuous contextual business risk insights that enable between Red and Blue teams to work together toward a common security goal. Contact us to learn more about our Ransomware Emulation and Detection Services.

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