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SCYTHE Announces $3 Million in Initial Financing Round Led by Gula Tech Adventures

September 17, 2018

Earlier today we announced that we raised $3 million in an initial funding round led by the co-founder of Tenable, Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures.

This investment will help accelerate our ability to deliver our attack simulation platform and drive new product development. We’ve planned a roadmap of new features and innovations that will disrupt the cybersecurity industry.

We’re providing organizations the ability to get ahead of threats with real metrics and tangible examples of attacks and compromises. SCYTHE is an attack simulation platform that allows organizations to build and emulate every possible combination of real-world adversarial campaign to test an organization’s security controls with granularity.

Our advanced capabilities offer enterprises the ability to set up, customize, and run adversarial campaigns in a matter of minutes to validate the risk posture and exposure of businesses and their employees and the performance of security teams and the solutions they use. The SCYTHE platform uses a Threat Catalog to automatically deploy a combination of threat actor communications and end-point capabilities with built-in TTPs on the production environment. It maps to the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix demonstrating the potential space of what an attack can look like and what an attacker can do inside a customer’s environment. Security teams receive detailed reporting and an automatically generated executive summary report with analytics of the campaign and recommendations for remediation.

This initial round is funded by investment firms Gula Tech Adventures, Evolution Equity, Paladin Capital, Stony Lonesome Group and SAAS Ventures. Additionally, a number of notable private investors participated in this round of funding including Dmitri Alperovitch of Crowdstrike, Ray Rothrock of RedSeal, Aleksandr Yamposkiy of SecurityScorecard, Mike Sutton, formerly with Zscaler, Dave Kennedy of TrustedSec, Matt Devost, Founder of FusionX, Oliver Friedrichs of Splunk, and Dave Cole of Tenable. Ron Gula and Dmitri Alperovitch will serve on the Board.


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