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Version 3.7 of the SCYTHE Platform Released - Demo Video

May 20, 2022

Now you can easily collaborate with Blue Teams to strengthen cyber defenses. Be more effective and efficient with a centralized dashboard and enhancements to user experience.This release brings exciting new updates to SCYTHE! Collaboration is key to strengthening defenses, and now Red Teams can easily get actionable data in the hands of Blue Teams. We’ve also improved the overall user experience to make campaign management easier than it has been before.

Here’s what’s new with 3.7:

• Click-to-Share Campaign Summaries (Highlight of this release!)

--- Do you want to share campaign results with Blue Teams? You can now easily do so with just one click! With Click-to-Share Campaign Summaries, we make actionable data more accessible, and red teams can quickly collaborate with blue teams to build strong defenses.

• Workspaces

--- Different groups in your organization will experience different types of attacks, and they need different campaigns for adversary emulation. With Workspaces, you can now group a set of campaigns together and specify which users will see those campaigns and data. Limited to 3 workspaces (but customers can reach out if they’d like more).

• Improved user experience

---  Centralized and consolidated dashboard with reporting and campaign list

--- Easily add a campaign with one click from any screen (in navigation)

--- Installation experience has been streamlined to make it easier and faster

--- Enhanced error handling, so you have more detailed information and greater visibility to why your campaign has stopped running.

• Easier deployment and management across your environment

--- You can now install SCYTHE on multiple machines by adding it to your image through AWSLicense keys can now be managed and upgraded remotely


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