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SCYTHE created a Purple Team Exercise Framework (PTEF) to facilitate the creation of a formal Purple Team Program by performing adversary emulations as Purple Team Exercises and/or Continuous Purple Teaming Operations.

A Purple Team is a virtual team where the following groups work together:

A Purple Team Exercise is an open engagement where the attack activity is exposed and explained to the Blue Team as it occurs. Purple Team Exercises are "hands-on keyboard" exercises where Red and Blue teams work together with an open discussion about each attack technique and defense expectation to improve people, process, and technology in real-time. Purple Team Exercises are Cyber Threat Intelligence led, emulating Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) leveraged by known malicious actors actively targeting the organization to identify and remediate gaps in the organization’s security posture.

At a high level, a Purple Team Exercise is executed with the following flow:

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