Advanced Red Teams and Penetration Testers

If you already have an established Red Team, feel comfortable with the modern penetration testing tools, and have experience in weaponizing N-day vulnerabilities, then you understand that a tool Campaign platform needs to make your standard workflow streamlined, without losing flexibility. SCYTHE was designed from the ground-up as a modular platform for creating and executing new Command and Control protocols, and endpoint Capabilities. Instead of manually building and launching every Campaign, let SCYTHE’s automation and built in flexibility handle the mundane tasks so that you can get back to work finding new exploits and edge cases in your defenses.

Go beyond the audit. Continuously assess your entire company to detect and mitigate your risks before someone else does.


As the awareness of cybersecurity continues to increase throughout every industry, additional pressures are being placed on Blue Teams, network defenders, and compliance officers, to meet ever changing standards and regulations.

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